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Finding The Nursery Rug

This post was sponsored by Wayfair.

When it came to designing Cate's nursery, I knew one of the first things I would need would be a great rug. Finding the perfect rug for a room is important when it comes to decorating because a rug is what anchors everything together. It's like shoes for an outfit. You can have on the perfect, cutest clothes, but if your shoes are off, it throws off the whole outfit.

So as I was on the hunt to find the perfect rug for the nursery, I had a couple of important things in mind.

1. Quality. This is something I want to keep for a long time, and I want it to last as Cate grows. 2. Comfortable. This is a huge one especially if you are going to be on the ground with your little ones. I wanted to be able to lay Cate down on the rug, so I knew I needed something thick and comfortable. Because we have hardwood floors, the thickness of the rug was a key factor.  3. Classic. Most of all I wanted a rug that wasn't too busy and could grow with her, as I'm sure we will change the decor of her room as she grows. I wanted a simple design, and of course, pink. 

With all three of those things as my guide, I continued my hunt scouring different websites for a simple, pink, comfortable, and quality rug. After going to multiple websites, even higher-end websites, I found myself on Wayfair. There were so many things I ended up loving that I created a "List" under the project tab of my account, which helped me keep all the things I loved for her nursery in one place. I named it "Cate's Nursery" and with just a click of a heart on an item, I could save that piece to that list, which definitely helped me so much with pregnancy brain! After you look at so many items you forget which ones you really loved, so that feature was one I used often and have continued to use with each new project I've done. 

After searching through Wayfair's pink rugs, I finally found the perfect one for the nursery: the Karina Hand-Tufted Wool Baby Pink Diamond Area Rug by Mack & Milo. Within a couple of days after placing the order, there it was on my front porch ready to be placed in her nursery!  I have now had the rug in her room for a few months, and I can say that this rug lives up to all three things I wanted in a rug AND some! It's an easy rug to clean, which is huge for a kid's room - you never know what kind of accident might happen on it. My husband, Chase, and I have both laid on it, and it for sure gets the stamp of approval from our Frenchie, Ben.

I am so happy with my choice to use Wayfair in purchasing this beautiful rug, and I cannot wait to play on it for years to come with Cate! 

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