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A Timeless Christmas

This post is sponsored by Wayfair.

We are about to walk through a very new Christmas in our house. It's our very first holiday season as a family of three! Last year I was pregnant with Cate at this time, and I had already begun to think of how I wanted to decorate our home for Christmas. I know that however I decorate our home for Christmas will be part of her memories throughout her whole life. I remember going over to my Grandmother's house and seeing the big tree in the formal living room. There was always one ornament I loved that I would look for throughout the years. I remember loving to shake the snow globe with the small penguin on a sled that my mom would put out on our coffee table.  The items we place in our home are the pieces that our children will see and be flooded with fond memories of Christmas. 

This year I wanted to bring a few timeless pieces into our home, so I have paired up with Wayfair on some beautiful Christmas decor items that I absolutely love. The first purchase I needed to make was stockings. No one ever told me that choosing family stockings could be so stressful! These are the stockings we will have for the rest of our lives. These are the stockings that Cate and her sibling will always remember as Dad and Mom's stockings. Talk about pressure! I finally narrowed it down to needlepoint stockings, but I had no idea where to purchase those. I went on a google search looking through several websites but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. When I logged on to Wayfair, I typed in "needlepoint stocking" and was thrilled to see so many beautiful options! I had no idea that Wayfair even had stockings, let alone something so classic like needlepoint. I am so happy with the stockings Chase and I chose for our little family and how beautiful they look on our mantel. 

Chase's Stocking: Casteel Santa Sleigh Needlepoint Stocking

My Stocking: Christmas Tree Stocking

Cate's Stocking: Casteel Rocking Horse Needlepoint Stocking

There is nothing that says timeless Christmas to me like a beautiful wreath. Especially a fresh wreath that is full of pine and cedar! I absolutely love the smell in our home during this time of year. I was elated that I could purchase fresh wreaths from Wayfair. Again, I had no idea they had such beautiful wreaths, and I'm so happy I chose them. I love to hang a large wreath on our kitchen door to bring a bit of Christmas into that room. I don't like to add too much decor to this area of our home since I love to bake during this time of year. Adding this beautiful, fresh wreath was the perfect touch our home needed. When I opened the box to these wreaths I told Chase, "I think these are the most beautiful wreaths we have ever had in our home!" 

Kitchen Wreath: Fresh Cut Pre-Decorated 24" Regal Fruit Greenery Wreath

Front Door Wreath: Fresh Cut 24" Potomac Greenery Wreath

I also purchased a fresh wreath for our front door that was a little different. I love the look of oranges for Christmas, but I've never added them to my decor. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found a wreath with faux oranges that look really beautiful hanging on our front door.

The last thing I wanted to find was a Christmas pillow. While searching for needlepoint stockings, I found tons needlepoint pillows! Yes! Of course I had to get one. To be honest, I really wanted to buy them all. I chose the one that immediately spoke to my heart. I absolutely love what it says and that it sits in the chair right in front of our fire place. 

I truly feel like I am off to a great start with creating a Christmas home that Cate will grow up loving and will remember for years to come.

Datto Home for Christmas Needlepoint Throw Pillow

No matter how you decorate for Christmas in your home - traditional, rustic, coastal, modern - the point is to create an environment that your family will love. These are the pieces and memories that your family will always remember when it comes to the holidays. I always tell myself that I'm not looking for perfection... I just want our home to feel like joy during this season. I'm so happy with the Christmas items that I chose from Wayfair and that I was truly surprised with all of their beautiful options. 

Discovering the home you love is decorating for Christmas and seeing the joy on your family's faces. 

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