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This post is sponsored by Wayfair.

We are about to walk through a very new Christmas in our house. It's our very first holiday season as a family of three! Last year I was pregnant with Cate at this time, and I had already begun to think of how I wanted to decorate our home for Christmas. I know that however I decorate our home for Christmas will be part of her memories throughout her whole life. I remember going over to my Grandmother's house and seeing the big tree in the formal living room. There was always one ornament I loved that I would look for throughout the years. I remember loving to shake the snow globe with the small penguin on a sled that my mom would put out on our coffee table.  The items we place in our home are the pieces that our children will see and be flooded with fond memories of Christmas. 

This year I wanted to bring a few timeless pieces into our home, so I have paired up with Wayfair on some beautiful Christmas decor items that I absolutely love. The first purchase I needed to make was stockings. No one ever told me that choosing family stockings could be so stressful! These are the stockings we will have for the rest of our lives. These are the stockings that Cate and her sibling will always remember as Dad and Mom's stockings. Talk about pressure! I finally narrowed it down to needlepoint stockings, but I had no idea where to purchase those. I went on a google search looking through several websites but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. When I logged on to Wayfair, I typed in "needlepoint stocking" and was thrilled to see so many beautiful options! I had no idea that Wayfair even had stockings, let alone something so classic like needlepoint. I am so happy with the stockings Chase and I chose for our little family and how beautiful they look on our mantel. 

Chase's Stocking: Casteel Santa Sleigh Needlepoint Stocking

My Stocking: Christmas Tree Stocking

Cate's Stocking: Casteel Rocking Horse Needlepoint Stocking

There is nothing that says timeless Christmas to me like a beautiful wreath. Especially a fresh wreath that is full of pine and cedar! I absolutely love the smell in our home during this time of year. I was elated that I could purchase fresh wreaths from Wayfair. Again, I had no idea they had such beautiful wreaths, and I'm so happy I chose them. I love to hang a large wreath on our kitchen door to bring a bit of Christmas into that room. I don't like to add too much decor to this area of our home since I love to bake during this time of year. Adding this beautiful, fresh wreath was the perfect touch our home needed. When I opened the box to these wreaths I told Chase, "I think these are the most beautiful wreaths we have ever had in our home!" 

Kitchen Wreath: Fresh Cut Pre-Decorated 24" Regal Fruit Greenery Wreath

Front Door Wreath: Fresh Cut 24" Potomac Greenery Wreath

I also purchased a fresh wreath for our front door that was a little different. I love the look of oranges for Christmas, but I've never added them to my decor. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found a wreath with faux oranges that look really beautiful hanging on our front door.

The last thing I wanted to find was a Christmas pillow. While searching for needlepoint stockings, I found tons needlepoint pillows! Yes! Of course I had to get one. To be honest, I really wanted to buy them all. I chose the one that immediately spoke to my heart. I absolutely love what it says and that it sits in the chair right in front of our fire place. 

I truly feel like I am off to a great start with creating a Christmas home that Cate will grow up loving and will remember for years to come.

Datto Home for Christmas Needlepoint Throw Pillow

No matter how you decorate for Christmas in your home - traditional, rustic, coastal, modern - the point is to create an environment that your family will love. These are the pieces and memories that your family will always remember when it comes to the holidays. I always tell myself that I'm not looking for perfection... I just want our home to feel like joy during this season. I'm so happy with the Christmas items that I chose from Wayfair and that I was truly surprised with all of their beautiful options. 

Discovering the home you love is decorating for Christmas and seeing the joy on your family's faces. 

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Notice how I did not name the title of this blog the PERFECT way to style your home? Or Finding BALANCE in your home? Nope, this blog is going to be about the JOY in your home. I find that because I am a stylist, I get a lot of questions about how to decorate a home. If you are my client, then you know that my #1 goal at the end of the day is that you are HAPPY in your home. It’s not about what I love, what I think is in style, or which colors I love the most. It’s about creating a home that makes you never want to leave it. Okay, maybe not “never,” lol. Because I do LOVE decorating, I’m going to share my favorite ways that I find JOY in my home and how you can do that too, even if your home is not perfectly decorated, “Instagram worthy,” or picture-perfect. In fact that is EXACTLY the home I hope you don’t have!

How to find JOY in your home-

Let GO of high expectations- Expectations. Don’t you just love them. They sneak in and all of a sudden I realize that everything I’m doing within my four walls falls under these expectations I’ve created for our home. The expectations I have for my home also affect the people around me - my family.

If I expect for my house to look Insta-perfect every moment, that keeps my family from being able to be at ease in our home. And as a woman, isn’t the whole point of creating a home to create a safe place for your family?

Don’t let high expectations of your home keep you from the joy your home could be. As Elsa says, “Let it go!”

Just Hang It- Another way you can bring joy to your home is to decorate your walls. Do you have art wok that is still sitting in a corner? Or family pictures waiting to be framed? Why? What are you waiting for? Your next home? The decorating fairy to come magically get out her hammer? Go look in a mirror for me and say, “Hi! Yep, there she is. That’s her, the magical fairy with a hammer you’ve been waiting on.”

Repeat after me, “There is no better time than NOW!” Do you know when is a good time to decorate? Right now! This is a HUGE way you can bring joy into your home! Because seeing things, places, people, color, and prints that you love hung on your walls reminds you of those memories and creates joy throughout your day when you see them.

Get rid of it!- This should probably be my #1 tip because it’s truly something I live by. If you do not LOVE something in your home get rid of it. There are some things I used to have in my home just because it filled the space but I didn’t love it and it certainly did not bring me joy.

So two things I do when I’m getting rid of things. One, text my girlfriends and see if anyone would love it in their home. Or two, donate it. It’s that simple. Getting rid of things you don’t love in your home makes room for things you actually love. One of my favorite quotes by William Morris says, “Have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” And I couldn’t’ agree more.

Do what you love in your home- Whatever you love to do, create a space for it in your home. Do you love puzzles? Purchase a small table that you can have as your designated place for puzzles. Do you love to write? Create a space where you can get away and write. Do you love to craft? Set up a small crafting area in your home. Do you see what I’m saying?

When we do these activities we love the most in our home, we stop looking at our home as just a place to eat, sleep and bathe. It becomes a happy place for us. A place that inspires us. A place that we look forward to coming home to. For me, I love journaling and having quiet time every morning. I’ve done this since I was in high school. So in our master bedroom I have a velvet, teal chaise lounge that I purchased off of Craigslist for $75. Chase and I were newly married and we had NO money, but it was important to me to create a space I could go to every morning to journal and read.

So I figured it out! Now five and a half years later, it is still my go-to place in the mornings. That’s where I select, get inspired and it truly brings me joy.

Some of these things I mentioned have to do with decorating and some don’t. Like I said at the beginning, my goal is that you find a way to have JOY in your home. It’s not all about the decor. It’s about what truly makes you joyful and what you love about your home. And if that’s nothing right now, I encourage you to find a way to bring joy into your home however you can!

Discovering the home you love is…

Letting go of high expectations

Hanging whatever you have on the walls.

Getting rid of what doesn’t bring you joy.

And creating a space to do what you love.

-Cali Attwood

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This post was sponsored by Wayfair.

When it came to designing Cate's nursery, I knew one of the first things I would need would be a great rug. Finding the perfect rug for a room is important when it comes to decorating because a rug is what anchors everything together. It's like shoes for an outfit. You can have on the perfect, cutest clothes, but if your shoes are off, it throws off the whole outfit.

So as I was on the hunt to find the perfect rug for the nursery, I had a couple of important things in mind.

1. Quality. This is something I want to keep for a long time, and I want it to last as Cate grows. 2. Comfortable. This is a huge one especially if you are going to be on the ground with your little ones. I wanted to be able to lay Cate down on the rug, so I knew I needed something thick and comfortable. Because we have hardwood floors, the thickness of the rug was a key factor.  3. Classic. Most of all I wanted a rug that wasn't too busy and could grow with her, as I'm sure we will change the decor of her room as she grows. I wanted a simple design, and of course, pink. 

With all three of those things as my guide, I continued my hunt scouring different websites for a simple, pink, comfortable, and quality rug. After going to multiple websites, even higher-end websites, I found myself on Wayfair. There were so many things I ended up loving that I created a "List" under the project tab of my account, which helped me keep all the things I loved for her nursery in one place. I named it "Cate's Nursery" and with just a click of a heart on an item, I could save that piece to that list, which definitely helped me so much with pregnancy brain! After you look at so many items you forget which ones you really loved, so that feature was one I used often and have continued to use with each new project I've done. 

After searching through Wayfair's pink rugs, I finally found the perfect one for the nursery: the Karina Hand-Tufted Wool Baby Pink Diamond Area Rug by Mack & Milo. Within a couple of days after placing the order, there it was on my front porch ready to be placed in her nursery!  I have now had the rug in her room for a few months, and I can say that this rug lives up to all three things I wanted in a rug AND some! It's an easy rug to clean, which is huge for a kid's room - you never know what kind of accident might happen on it. My husband, Chase, and I have both laid on it, and it for sure gets the stamp of approval from our Frenchie, Ben.

I am so happy with my choice to use Wayfair in purchasing this beautiful rug, and I cannot wait to play on it for years to come with Cate! 

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